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About Us

Company Profile

Wuxi SHN Electric Co., Ltd. (formerly Wuxi Special Power Equipment Factory) was founded in 1985. It is a "High-tech Enterprise in Jiangsu Province" and a director unit of the National Electronic Transformer Industry Association. It is a well-known manufacturer of magneto-electric appliances with a long history and a big scale, as well as one of the technical innovators in the field of special transformers and transformer cores. The company mainly develops various types of power transformers, inductive reactors, pulse transformers, low and high voltage isolation transformers, magnetic field coils, transformer reactor cores, electromagnets, and various special power supplies. Products are widely used in high-speed rail vehicles, power electronics, medical equipment, civil high-tech power supply and electrical fields. The company has established friendly industry-university-research cooperation relations with many domestic scientific research institutes and famous enterprises, developed and promoted independent innovation products in high-tech and special markets, and embarked on a road with independent industrial development characteristics in the Chinese market.

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Company Strength

After more than 30 years of development, SHN has relied on China’s innovation and upgrading of Dongfeng, adhering to the development concept of special, high and new directions, from simple to special, from low to high, from existing to new, and gradually developed into a leader in the industry of China's high-tech power transformers, high-performance transformers and reactor cores. In the course of development, SHN Electric has established its advantages and capabilities in independent innovation, and has 60 inventions and utility model patents.

The company owns the famous trademark "SHN" in Jiangsu Province, which means "foresight and hope, thanksgiving and harmony". Owning the well-known Wuxi trademark of "SHN" which is the combination of the initials of the three English words Special, High and New, which symbolizes the development of the company in the direction of special, high and new. In the era of economic globalization, the company adheres to the development strategy of "science and technology, industrialization, and health", vigorously develops scientific and technological innovation and management innovation, provides all customers with high-performance, energy-saving electrical products and technical services, and is committed to becoming a first-class Manufacturer of electrical products in China.

Enterprise Concept

1. Company spirit
Growing in continuous innovation, making progress through continuous learning, having integrity and honesty, mutually helping each other, pursuing excellence, and persisting.

2. Business philosophy
Respecting science, respecting humanity, seeking development and seeking a win-win situation.

3. Core values
Respecting for the individual, having integrity, mutual trust and mutual assistance, credibility first, self-improvement, and awards on performance.

4. Quality View
Quality first, leading in technology.

5. Personnel concept
Talents make SHN, SHN cultivates talents, and talents shine in Shinn.

6. Technology concept
Prosperity with science and technology, creation of perfection, pursuit of excellence, concept of contribution.

7. Company slogan
Exploit potential, pioneer and innovate, surpass yourself, and keep pace with the times

8. Work Concept
The future is promising if one keeps faith and works hard

9. Company service concept
The needs of customers are our mission!

10. Company mission
To be a first-class global production enterprise with technology.

11. Management Concept
Communication, self-discipline, planning, execution, daring to be oneself.

12. Staff Rules
Loyal to the company, dedicated to work, mutually helping each other and working hard
Open-minded, studious, enterprising, focusing on business and creative.
Honest and trustworthy, consistent with words and deeds, abiding by discipline and law, and complying with public ethics.
Respecting each other, treating others politely, assisting each other, cultivating oneself.