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  • Medical Electromagnet

    Medical Electromagnet


    Medium and high energy medical linear accelerators require microwave sources to provide higher microwave power. Generally, appropriate klystron is selected as the microwave power source. Magnetron operation requires a certain external magnetic field, which usually has two forms.

  • High voltage pulse device

    High voltage pulse device

    Product Description The special transformer produced by our company is a relatively advanced product in the contemporary transformer series. It has the characteristics of small size, light weight, excellent performance, and wide use. It can be used for power supplies of 50HZ or 400HZ or higher frequency. The transformer core is made of imported and domestic high-quality cold-rolled grain-oriented silicon steel strip. This silicon steel strip has a high saturation magnetic flux density an...
  • Electromagnet



    High and medium energy civil and medical linear accelerators require microwave sources to provide higher microwave power. Generally, appropriate klystron is selected as the microwave power source. Magnetron operation requires a certain external magnetic field, which usually has two forms.

  • High Power And High Voltage Pulse Transformer

    High Power And High Voltage Pulse Transformer


    In the realm of high-power pulse technology research, the high-voltage pulse transformer stands as an indispensable tool, revered for its role in serving as an impedance-matching marvel and a power regulation stalwart. Within the domain of accelerator research, the migration from generators to transformer systems promises a profound simplification of pulse-forming line discharge systems. Moreover, in the high-power microwave system, where the explosive magnetic compression generator reigns supreme as the primary energy source, the transformer elegantly orchestrates impedance matching and power regulation to facilitate the efficient operation of diodes and other high-impedance devices.

  • Magnetic Field Coil

    Magnetic Field Coil


    Field coil A coil that reproduces a magnetic field in the form of a current passing through the winding, based on the Bio-Safar law. The size of the magnetic field intensity is convenient to adjust, can be changed by adjusting the size of the power supply current, due to the through current magnetic field coil is easy to heat characteristics, the design uses low resistivity conductor, the use of special heat conduction materials organized heat dissipation, reasonable and effective structure, cooling method using natural cooling, water cooling, oil cooling.

  • Transformers For Medical Devices

    Transformers For Medical Devices


    The basic working principle of transformer is electromagnetic induction. After the AC voltage is added to the primary winding, the AC current flows into the winding, which will generate exciting effect and generate alternating flux in the iron core. The alternating flux not only passes through the primary winding but also the secondary side winding, causing induced electromotive force in the two winding respectively. An alternating current flows out, and electrical energy is output.

  • Medical High Voltage Generator

    Medical High Voltage Generator


    The medical high voltage generator uses the high frequency voltage doubling circuit, the application of a new PWM high frequency pulse width modulation technology — closed loop adjustment, the use of voltage feedback, so that the voltage stability is greatly improved. The product features high power IGBT devices and its driving technology, and adopts special shielding, isolation and grounding measures accor rding to electromagnetic compatibility theory. The DC high voltage generator realizes high quality, portable, and can withstand rated voltage discharge without damage. This product is used to control and generate electrical energy fed to X-ray tubes in medical diagnostic X-ray machines.

  • Medical High Voltage Pulse Transformer

    Medical High Voltage Pulse Transformer


    In the research field of high power pulse technology, high voltage pulse transformer has been widely used as impedance matching and power regulation devices. In accelerator research, the replacement of generator by transformer system can greatly simplify the pulse forming line discharge system. In the high power microwave system with explosive magnetic compression generator as the primary energy, the transformer plays the role of impedance matching and power regulation to drive the diode and . other high impedance devices to work effectively.

  • Inductance Coil

    Inductance Coil


    Inductance coil is a device that works on the principle of electromagnetic induction. When an electric current flows through a wire, an electromagnetic field will be generated around the wire, and the conductor of the electromagnetic field itself will induce the wire within the field range. The action on the wire itself, which produces the electromagnetic field, is called “self- inductance”, that is, the changing current generated by the wire itself produces a changing magnetic field, which in turn affects the current in the wire. The effect on other wires in this field is called mutual inductance. The classification of inductance coils commonly used in circuits is roughly as follows:

  • High Voltage Isolation Transformer

    High Voltage Isolation Transformer


    The usual AC power supply voltage is connected to the earth with one line, and there is a potential difference of 220V between the other line and the earth. Human contact can produce electric shock. The secondary isolation transformer is not connected with the earth, and there is no potential difference between any two lines and the earth. You can’t get electrocuted by touching any line, so it’s safer. Secondly, the output end of the isolation transformer and the input end is completely “open” isolation, so that the effective input end of the transformer (power supply voltage grid supply) has played a good filtering role. Thus, pure power supply voltage is provided to electrical equipment. Another use is to prevent interference. Isolation transformer refers to the transformer whose input winding and output winding are electrically isolated from each other, so as to avoid the danger caused by accidentally touching live bodies (or metal parts that may be charged due to insulation damage) and earth at the same time. Its principle is the same as that of ordinary dry transformers, which also uses the principle of electromagnetic induction to isolate the primary power loop, and the secondary loop is floating to the ground. To ensure the safety of electricity.

  • Amorphous Magnetic Ring

    Amorphous Magnetic Ring


    It is made of 0.025mm or thinner amorphous alloy strip, which has been magnetized by strong magnetic field, atmosphere protection heat treatment, special insulating medium treatment between layers, high-precision winding, high-strength non-brittle and low-stress packaging. The outer diameter of magnetic ring is above 5cm~200cm, and the pulse magnetic induction intensity is increased greatly (body Bs+Br > 3.0T). Narrow pulse response width (pulse width as low as 50ns), volt-second product performance is excellent, good insulation stability.