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High Power And High Voltage Pulse Transformer

High Power And High Voltage Pulse Transformer


In the realm of high-power pulse technology research, the high-voltage pulse transformer stands as an indispensable tool, revered for its role in serving as an impedance-matching marvel and a power regulation stalwart. Within the domain of accelerator research, the migration from generators to transformer systems promises a profound simplification of pulse-forming line discharge systems. Moreover, in the high-power microwave system, where the explosive magnetic compression generator reigns supreme as the primary energy source, the transformer elegantly orchestrates impedance matching and power regulation to facilitate the efficient operation of diodes and other high-impedance devices.

Product Detail

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Product Features

(1) The pulse transformer operates seamlessly within a transient state, where pulse events transpire with remarkable brevity.

(2) Pulse signals exhibit a distinct rhythm, characterized by periodicity, specific intervals, and unipolar voltage attributes, as opposed to the continuous oscillations of alternating signals that encompass both positive and negative voltage values.

(3) A paramount attribute of the pulse transformer lies in its ability to convey waveforms without distortion, assuring minimal deviation at the leading edge and the point of attenuation.

Technical Indicators

 Technical index range
Pulse voltage  0 ~ 350KV
Pulse current  0 ~ 2000A
Repetition frequency  5Hz ~ 20KHz
Pulse power  50w ~ 300Mw
Heat dissipation mode  Dry, oil-immersed

Application scope and field

High voltage pulse transformer is widely used in radar, various accelerators, medical instruments, environmental protection Equipment, science and engineering, high energy physics, quantum electronics, transformation technology and other fields.

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