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Magnetic Field Coil

Magnetic Field Coil


Field coil A coil that reproduces a magnetic field in the form of a current passing through the winding, based on the Bio-Safar law. The size of the magnetic field intensity is convenient to adjust, can be changed by adjusting the size of the power supply current, due to the through current magnetic field coil is easy to heat characteristics, the design uses low resistivity conductor, the use of special heat conduction materials organized heat dissipation, reasonable and effective structure, cooling method using natural cooling, water cooling, oil cooling.

Product Detail

Product Tags

Product Classification

(1) According to the type of magnetic field, it can be divided into constant magnetic field coil, alternating magnetic field coil, gradient magnetic field coil, pulse magnetic field coil, etc.

(2) According to the structure can be divided into solenoid coil, Helmholtz coil and other kinds of combined magnetic field coil;

(3) According to the direction of the magnetic field, it can be divided into single-axis magnetic field coil, two-axis magnetic field coil, three-axis magnetic field coil, etc.

Product Features

Magnetic field coil features beautiful appearance, compact structure, gooheat dissipation, high magnetic field strength and high reliability for lontime operation.

Technical Indicators

Technical index range
Magnetic field current 0~1000A(pulse) DC(350A)
Magnetic field voltage 0~2KV
Magnetic field strength 0~2T

Application Scope And Field

High power pulse, radar and other fields.

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