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Medical Electromagnet

Medical Electromagnet


Medium and high energy medical linear accelerators require microwave sources to provide higher microwave power. Generally, appropriate klystron is selected as the microwave power source. Magnetron operation requires a certain external magnetic field, which usually has two forms.

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Product Principle

(1) A constant permanent magnet is used to provide a magnetic field, and a suitable magnetron is used to work in a working mode with constant microwave output power. In order to change the microwave power of the input acceleration tube, a high power distributor needs to be added in the microwave feeder, with a high price;

(2) The electromagnet provides a magnetic field. The electromagnet can change the intensity of the magnetic field provided by changing the input current of the electromagnet according to the needs of the accelerator system. The microwave feeder is simple and the magnetron can work at the required power point, which greatly prolongs the high voltage working time. Greatly reduce the maintenance cost of users. Currently independently developed: the (2) form -- the use of electromagnet to provide magnetic field, mainly by electromagnet magnet magnet, skeleton, coil, etc., after precision machining, strict control of processing precision, to ensure the magnetron installation after the air tight, sufficient heat, microwave and other characteristics, to achieve the localization of high energy medical linear accelerator electromagnet.

Product Features

Elctromagnet has small size, light weight, high reliability, good heat dissipation, no noise

Technical Indicators

 Technical index range
  Voltage V  0~200V
  Current A  0~1000A
  Magnetic field GS  100~5500
  Withstand voltage KV  3
  Insulation class  H

Application scope and field

Medical equipment, electronic accelerator, environmental protection technology and other fields.

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