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Medical High Voltage Generator

Medical High Voltage Generator


The medical high voltage generator uses the high frequency voltage doubling circuit, the application of a new PWM high frequency pulse width modulation technology — closed loop adjustment, the use of voltage feedback, so that the voltage stability is greatly improved. The product features high power IGBT devices and its driving technology, and adopts special shielding, isolation and grounding measures accor rding to electromagnetic compatibility theory. The DC high voltage generator realizes high quality, portable, and can withstand rated voltage discharge without damage. This product is used to control and generate electrical energy fed to X-ray tubes in medical diagnostic X-ray machines.

Product Detail

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Product Features

(1) Special transformer refers to the transformer whose material, function and use are different from those of conventional transformers.

(2) According to the material: dry type transformer, epoxy resin pouring transformer, oil immersed transformer, etc.;

(3) According to the function, there are three phase change single-phase transformer, polyphase transformer, etc.

Technical Indicators

Technical index range
 Input voltage 25~380V
 Output voltage 0~250KV
 Output power 10~1000KVA
 Efficiency >93%
 Withstand voltage 0~300KV
 Insulation class H

Application scope and field

Power equipment, medical equipment, microwave, laser, scientific equipment, ships, aviation God wait.

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