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High and medium energy civil and medical linear accelerators require microwave sources to provide higher microwave power. Generally, appropriate klystron is selected as the microwave power source. Magnetron operation requires a certain external magnetic field, which usually has two forms.

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Product Principle

Elevated and intermediate energy civil and medical linear accelerators necessitate robust microwave sources to deliver enhanced microwave power. Typically, a suitable klystron is chosen as the source of microwave power. The operation of a magnetron hinges on the presence of a specific external magnetic field, typically assuming one of two configurations.

(1) The deployment of a permanent magnet, steadfast in its magnetic influence, complements a corresponding magnetron designed to operate at a constant microwave power output. To adjust the microwave power of the input acceleration tube, a high-power distributor must be introduced into the microwave feeder, albeit at a considerable expense.

(2) An electromagnet assumes the role of magnetic field provision. This electromagnet possesses the capacity to adapt the magnetic field's strength by modulating the electromagnet's input current in accordance with the accelerator system's requirements. This configuration furnishes a streamlined microwave feeder, affording the magnetron the ability to operate precisely at the desired power level. This extension of high-voltage operational durations leads to substantial reductions in maintenance costs for users. Presently, domestically developed electromagnets of the second type are characterized by meticulous craftsmanship involving electromagnet core, magnetic shielding, skeleton, coil, and more. Stringent control over manufacturing precision ensures hermetic magnetron installation, adequate heat dissipation, microwave transmission, and other essential characteristics, thereby accomplishing the localization of high-energy medical linear accelerator electromagnets.

Product Features

Electromagnet Has Small Size, Light Weight, High Reliability, Good Heat Dissipatior
No Noise

Technical Indicators

Technical index range
Voltage V 0~200V
Current A 0~1000A
Magnetic field GS 100 ~ 5500
Withstand voltage KV 3
Insulation class H

Application Scope And Field

Medical equipment, electron accelerators, aerospace, etc.

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