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Amorphous Magnetic Ring

Amorphous Magnetic Ring


It is made of 0.025mm or thinner amorphous alloy strip, which has been magnetized by strong magnetic field, atmosphere protection heat treatment, special insulating medium treatment between layers, high-precision winding, high-strength non-brittle and low-stress packaging. The outer diameter of magnetic ring is above 5cm~200cm, and the pulse magnetic induction intensity is increased greatly (body Bs+Br > 3.0T). Narrow pulse response width (pulse width as low as 50ns), volt-second product performance is excellent, good insulation stability.

Product Detail

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Saturation magnetic induction: Bs>1.75T(body >1.75T)
Residual magnetic induction intensity: Br> 1.3 T> 1.5 T (ontology)
Remanence ratio: Br/Bs > 0.74 > 0.85 (ontology)
Pulse time response :50ns
Insulation withstand pressure :450KV/120ns
Interlayer pressure resistance of amorphous strip :180V/ layer,
Winding duty ratio of amorphous strip :>73%

Application scope and field

Various accelerators, medical instruments, environmental protection equipment, science and engineering, high energy physics, nuclear fusion and other fields.

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