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Inductance Coil

Inductance Coil


Inductance coil is a device that works on the principle of electromagnetic induction. When an electric current flows through a wire, an electromagnetic field will be generated around the wire, and the conductor of the electromagnetic field itself will induce the wire within the field range. The action on the wire itself, which produces the electromagnetic field, is called “self- inductance”, that is, the changing current generated by the wire itself produces a changing magnetic field, which in turn affects the current in the wire. The effect on other wires in this field is called mutual inductance. The classification of inductance coils commonly used in circuits is roughly as follows:

Product Detail

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Product Classification

Inductance type: fixed inductance, variable inductance. Classification according to the properties of the magnetic body: hollow coil, ferrite coil, iron coil, copper coil.

Classification according to the nature of work: antenna coil, oscillation coil, choke coil, trap coil, deflection coil.

According to the winding structure classification: single coil, multi-layer coil, honeycomb coil, close winding coil, interwinding coil, spin-off coil, disorderly winding coil.

Product Features

The electrical characteristics of inductors are the opposite of those of capacitors: "pass low frequency and resist high frequency". When high- frequency signals pass through the inductor coil, they will encounter great resistance, which is difficult to pass through; while the resistance presented by low-frequency signals when passing through it is relatively small, that is, low-frequency signals can pass through it more easily. The inductor coil has almost zero resistance to direct current. Resistance, capacitance and inductance, they all present a certain resistance to the flow of electrical signals in the circuit, this resistance is called "impedance". The impedance of an inductor coil to a current signal utilizes the coil's self-inductance.

Technical Indicators

 Technical index range
  Input voltage  0~3000V
  Input current  0~ 200A
  Withstand voltage  ≤100KV
  Insulation class  H

Application scope and field

Inductor in the circuit mainly plays the role of filtering, oscillation, delay, notch and so on It can screen signal, filter noise, stabilize current and restrain electromagnetic interference.

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