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Transformers For Medical Devices

Transformers For Medical Devices


The basic working principle of transformer is electromagnetic induction. After the AC voltage is added to the primary winding, the AC current flows into the winding, which will generate exciting effect and generate alternating flux in the iron core. The alternating flux not only passes through the primary winding but also the secondary side winding, causing induced electromotive force in the two winding respectively. An alternating current flows out, and electrical energy is output.

Product Detail

Product Tags

Product Features

High efficiency, small magnetic leakage, low loss, low temperature rise, reasonable structure, the overall appearance.

Technical Indicators

Technical index range
 Power 1VA ~ 750KVA
 Input voltage According to custom requirements
 Output voltage According to custom requirements
 Frequency 50Hz ~ 20kHz
 Efficiency >95%
 Temperature rise According to custom requirements

Application scope and field

Widely used in medical equipment, all kinds of power equipment, communication equipment,Test equipment, energy technology and other fields.

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