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High Voltage Isolation Transformer

High Voltage Isolation Transformer


The usual AC power supply voltage is connected to the earth with one line, and there is a potential difference of 220V between the other line and the earth. Human contact can produce electric shock. The secondary isolation transformer is not connected with the earth, and there is no potential difference between any two lines and the earth. You can’t get electrocuted by touching any line, so it’s safer. Secondly, the output end of the isolation transformer and the input end is completely “open” isolation, so that the effective input end of the transformer (power supply voltage grid supply) has played a good filtering role. Thus, pure power supply voltage is provided to electrical equipment. Another use is to prevent interference. Isolation transformer refers to the transformer whose input winding and output winding are electrically isolated from each other, so as to avoid the danger caused by accidentally touching live bodies (or metal parts that may be charged due to insulation damage) and earth at the same time. Its principle is the same as that of ordinary dry transformers, which also uses the principle of electromagnetic induction to isolate the primary power loop, and the secondary loop is floating to the ground. To ensure the safety of electricity.

Product Detail

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Product Features

Small volume, light weight, low noise, high reliability, can be designed according to the requirements of the use of three anti-water (anti-salt spray, anti-shock).

Technical Indicators

 Technical index range
Input voltage V  0~100KV
Output voltage V  0~100KV
Output power VA  0~750KVA
Efficiency  >95%
Isolation voltage KV  0~300KV
Insulation grade  B.F.H

Application scope and field

Used in power electronics, special power supply, medical instruments, scientific devices and other fields.

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